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Expect the Unexpected

Media turned the world upside-downm

Discover the strange unknown reality

Secret wars. Proxy Wars .

False-flag wars.

NEWS and its task

Media is a tool of the mighty to fool us and to control our opinions.


Be aware that you are made unable to understand the true world. Your picture of the world is like an mosaique made by thousands of single news or education items. If there comes one not manipulated information item, it is only related to one of your mosaique stones and changing one stone will never be able to change the whole picture. And (!) even more serious: The distortion will be immediately compensated by adaption of surrounding mosaique stones, or you will just not believe or refuse to understand because it does not fit in your picture. Trying to integrate a new stone may make you feel uncomfortable or unsure and find an easy excuse for stopping to go on.
Apr 3, 2014

For daily alternative news I suggest:

May 28, 2014​


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Still believing that newspapers are there to inform you? See left box and check what happened in:

>   Yugoslavia

​>   Iraq

​>   Afghanistan

​>   Sudan

​>   Libya

​>   Syria

​>   Ukraine (in German)

​>   Russia

​>    Mali


Different wars - same tricks
USA created Al Qaeda for Afghanistan but used them too in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Chechnya, Libya, Syria, Mali
Details at "Syria" section- Beginning at video of Hillary clinton's confession "We created Al Qaeda"
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